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Used Auto Parts in Fremont, OH

Kingsway Auto Parts LLC offers customers a tremendous selection of used auto parts at affordable prices, for all makes and models. We offer cash for junk cars and salvage auto parts, and always ensure our customers are getting the best deal when they come to us. Our shop also provides oil changes and tire rotations. Reach us today for more information.

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Used Auto Parts

Most automotive problems can be solved with a few replacement parts. The problem is, many new parts are extremely expensive and, combined with the labor to install them, it’s enough to drain your wallet.

The smart solution is to get used auto parts in Fremont, OH. They’re just as good as new, with the added benefit of being a fraction of the price! At Kingsway Auto Parts LLC, we salvage perfectly good parts from junk cars and resell them to customers at a steep discount, allowing you to repair your vehicle without breaking the bank along the way.

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Our warehouse is stocked to the brim with parts of all types for just about any type of vehicle you might be driving. Some of the most popular parts customers inquire about are bumpers, rims, radiators, transmissions and more—all items that might otherwise be expensive if purchased new. We do our best to help you locate the right part, so you can save yourself the hassle of buying brand-new.

Locations We Serve

Proudly offering Used Auto Parts and Wrecking in Fremont, OH and its surrounding areas:

  • Bettsville, OH
  • Burgoon, OH
  • Clyde, OH
  • Old Fort, OH
  • Green Springs, OH
  • Lindsey, OH
  • Toledo, OH
  • Bellevue, OH
  • Helena, OH
  • Millersville, OH
  • Wightmans Grove, OH
  • York, OH
  • Rollersville, OH
  • Woodville, OH
  • Elmore, OH
  • Oak Harbor, OH
  • Sandusky County, OH
  • Wood County, OH
  • Ottawa County, OH
  • Erie County, OH
  • Huron County, OH
  • Seneca County, OH

  • We’ve got more than 30 years of experience when it comes to junking cars for parts and making sure you’re getting the best deal for your old clunker.
  • We specialize in 1973-1998 Chevy truck parts! We have an entire warehouse filled with good parts available, to help you get the part you need for your classic truck.
  • Our business is fully licensed and insured. You can have peace of mind in doing business with us as a reputable company.
  • We’re proud to be members of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce. Our business takes pride in supporting local customers and other businesses.
  • More than just junking cars for parts, we’re also able to provide your vehicle with an oil change or tire rotation, to keep it running right.

Get the Parts You Need

We stock a complete selection of used auto parts for all makes and models, including classic Chevy trucks. Visit us today and let us know what you need, or if you have a car to junk!

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