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Oil Change in Fremont, OH

 One of the simplest things you can do for your vehicle is to give it an  oil change in Fremont, OH. If you're 3-5k miles since your last oil  change, make a pit stop at Kingsway Auto Parts LLC and let us give your  vehicle the fresh oil it needs to chug along smoothly again. While  you're here, we can even rotate your tires to prevent premature  treadwear! 

Oil Change Service


An oil change is the single most important maintenance to keep up on  for your vehicle. If you're due for oil change service in Fremont, OH,  we can help! We offer full oil changes, including new oil, filter, lube  and more. We'll help you keep your engine properly lubricated with the  right oil and can advise you on the status of your oil when you come and  visit us.

Whether your vehicle takes traditional or premium  synthetic, regardless of the weight, we're ready to administer new oil  that protects your engine against friction and wear. No matter the make  or model, trust us to get the job done right.

Tire Rotations


Your tire treads will wear in a particular pattern over time, unique  to its position on the car. To extend the life of your treads and lower  the risk of flats or blowouts, it's important to have your tires rotated  in regular intervals. We can help!

We perform tire rotations  as-needed to maintain your treads, swapping your tires diagonally on  your car to offset wear patterns properly. If you notice your tires  becoming bald in certain areas or you can see wear marks definitively,  schedule an appointment for a rotation and let us help you preserve your  treads.

Keep up on Routine Maintenance

 It's the little things that will keep your car running right for a long  time! Good maintenance starts with oil changes and tire rotations.  You'll get both at Kingsway Auto Parts LLC, along with the satisfaction  of knowing your vehicle is in great hands. Reach us today at 419-332-8667 for more information about our abilities or to schedule an appointment.